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The code is readily available to parents and those who work with youth, but it's not available to youth and teens. I can't give away all your parents' new secrets.

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Books and Printed Resources:

Through the Screen:
Internet Safety and Tips for Everyone

This guidebook to the online world is specifically designed for everyone in a family - from first-timers to established users. Broken down into sections based on age and experience, it covers over 40 vital topics for Internet safety, security, and long-term benefit.

It is a great book for starting the conversation in your home for what your standards and expectations are, and deals with some difficult topics in a non-threatening way. It is easy to read, concise, and vibrant throughout.

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Some articles well worth reading:

Simplicity Parenting - [MS Word] [PDF]

Please don't give your Children Porn for Christmas - [Online]

The Effects of Porn on the Teen Brain - [Online]

The Porn-Free Family Plan - [Online]

A summary of Social Media Sites - [Online]

A college-aged teen's view on what's popular among his peers - [Online]

Social Networking Facts and Statistics - [Online]

Teenage Brains in the Digital World - [Online]

The Psychology of Sexual Development - [Online]

The Porn Circuit - [PDF]

Some resources worth looking at:

OpenDNS Family Protection (All Devices) - [Online]

Qustodio Family Protection (Best on Android) - [Online]

Curbi Family Protection (Apple) - [Online]

Covenant Eyes Software - [Online]

K9 Web Protection Browser - [Online]


This list will continue to grow over time.
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