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The Internet can be a very scary and dangerous place, especially for those who do not understand it. In most cases, a parent’s understanding of the many popular and readily-available websites and apps are far below those of their children. This makes guiding and monitoring your children, tweens, and teens an extremely daunting and seemingly-insurmountable task.

There are several possible responses:

Issue general warnings

Parents in this category warn their children to stay away from the “dark alleys” of the Internet, and offer general advice. From here, the child is left largely unsupervised and unmonitored. Having given the warning, the parents now assume the child is consistently employing good judgement, is aware of all dangers, has trustworthy and moral friends, and will talk to mom or dad if they have questions.

Abstain entirely

Parents in this category find the dangers and risks of Internet use on a smartphone or media device to be too great to even contemplate. They ban their children from these devices, at least until a certain age, and trust that closes the matter. Surely these young people can understand and respect these limitations...right?

Learn… and parent in a new frontier

Parents in this category realize both the dangers and the benefits of new technology. They are aware that their children will be more tech-savy than them, but refuse to surrender their need to parent in this realm as well. They are willing to delve into their children’s online world, friends, habits, and history. They may not like what they find, but ignorance is too great a threat to see as bliss.

The “Behind the Screen” talk is geared for parents in this third category. We cannot afford to simply trust things will go well, and we cannot ignore the incredible pull of this new technology...at least not indefinitely.

In a two-hour session, parents and adult singles will learn:

  • The function and hidden rules under which social media sites operate, and how that affects our children.

  • The most popular social media tools, their focus, their dangers, and their benefits.

  • The limits of web filters and monitoring software, such as CovenantEyes, K9, and others

  • The differences between Apple and Android devices, and how that affects your role as a parent.

  • The best ways to introduce tech into the home.

  • The best ways to monitor your children’s devices, limit screen time, prevent access to harmful content, and generally how to guide them in the digital realm.

Attendees receive a full-colour booklet with additional information, step-by-step guides for installing and using the tools highlighted in the talk, and ways to find other useful resources.

With a focused and grounded approach, as well as a healthy dose of humour, the discussion will greatly benefit parents and concerned singles who work with youth at all ages and skill levels.

Contact us for rates and available dates.

Here is what a few attendees had to say about the presentation:

"Great presentation. Your style was entertaining and very informative."

"Thank you! Love the booklet."

"Great info... so eye-catching and informative."

"You were outstanding! I enjoy listening to you speak. I want to commend you on your honesty and your willingness to share your family's experiences for the benefit of the whole community."

"The presentation was informative, and we appreciate your honesty and humour."

"Thank you so much - the info, the take home material (not to mention the humour)."

"Great presentation! Love the handout! Wish I had this presentation years ago, so I don't feel like I'm backpedaling. Thank you."

"Thanks so much for very informative session. Highly understandable. I would highly recommend this to anyone."

"Awesome presentation. Thank you!"

"Great presentation! If there were more segments, we would definitely attend."

"Good presentation and great humorous comments throughout. Well informed presenter. Thanks for your hard work."

"Your sense of humour helped make the uncomfortable parts much more enjoyable. Thanks so much!"

"Love your humour and way of presenting. Thank you! Appreciated the practical approach very much. Would find another evening useful."

"Thank you very much for your presentation. Appreciate your knowledge and honesty."