Just a few examples of our
"Behind the Screen"
presentation components for teens.



Although the Internet is fascinating and full of great tools and information, it’s not all wonderful. It contains wonders and horrors in seemingly equal measure.

The challenge facing everyone, but especially teens, is in choosing what you will allow to affect you. Unfortunately, the negative content and voices seem to be by far the loudest, and the counterbalance is sometimes not heard.

Our talk to teens focusses on a number of key areas that affect our mental and spiritual growth as we mature. It talks to teens at their level, looking openly and honestly at the social media tools they use daily, and the cultural impact on them.

Sports, celebrities, fashion, and entertainment all try to mold and model young people into a very specific type of person. That may not be in their best interests.

We look at the following topics:

  • Internet and smartphone use, and the human brain

  • Creativity, inspiration, and the need for boredom

  • The secret game social media makes you play

  • The word-of-mouth effect, on steroids

  • Instant communication, for good and for ill

  • Individuality in the age of mass movements

  • Acceptance, approval, and dopamine in the brain

  • Body image in a visual culture

  • The Body Mass Index and its 20th century shift

  • Fashion models and the ideals of perfection

  • The Photoshop generation

  • Visual media in print and online, and how it is always lying to you

  • The real-world pushback to online media representation

  • The brain on porn – PIED and “sameness”

  • Love, worth, and the mechanics of desire

  • The anatomy of an affair

Using imagery, animation, video... and a healthy dose of humour, the talk engages, challenges, and encourages.

Geared to towards teens between the ages of 13 and 18, the talk contains statistics, studies, and a healthy serving of common sense in areas we so often neglect.

It also works in conjunction and support with our talk to adults, opening some of the same concerns and solutions, and bridging the gap between teen independence and parental responsibility.


Here is what a few teens had to say about our presentations to their age group:

"You are funny and interesting to listen to. Thanks for inspiring me."

"I think I learned a lot from you. Super interesting."

"You were very entertaining, and I learned a lot. Hope to have you again in the future."


"It was fun to learn with all the little extra thing and facts you include."

"Very well done. Thanks for the humour."

"You keep things very interesting. I felt like you respected us and didn't talk down to us."

"Keep doing this sort of thing for a long time."

"I think I really needed to hear what you were teaching us. Thanks."

"I love how you taught us to think outside the box. I feel you could teach anything and make it interesting. I liked how you valued our opinions too."

"Thank you so much for not treating us like little children. You treated us as equals, and with respect."

"It helps that you love the kinds of things you are talking about. It shows."

"You speak in a way that is interesting, funny, and easy to learn from."

"Great job. I will definitely tell others to see this from you."


"Refreshingly different than school classes."