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Through the Screen
Internet Safety and Tips for Everyone

With the Internet growing at an exponential rate, and children connecting to it at a younger age, families need a way to navigateit all safely and wisely. The family computer has been largely replaced by personal devices such as smart phones and Internet-enabled media players. This makes the Internet more portable, and far more private. The problem is, things that seem to be common sense to many with a long history on the Internet, are not necessarily so common to small children, teens, and sometimes even to adults.

This book is a guide for the entire family, and divided into sections based on age and online experience. There is something here for every age level, and this book provides an excellent starting point for family Internet rules and guidelines.

No child, or family, should plunge into the online world without good, solid understandings of its dangers, legal guidelines and ramifications, scams, traps, and hidden secrets.

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